Yoga offer

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a system whose main components are the asanas (body posture), pranayama (breath control) and meditation (relaxation of the mind). This system of yoga, known as Raja Yoga (Royal Yoga of willpower and self-discipline).

The goal of Hatha Yoga is to strengthen the body and soothe the spirit. Exercises last 60 minutes or 90 minutes. It consists of introductory meditation to focus and ourselves, here and now, followed by a warm-up in preparation for the training of the individual asanas and final meditation and relaxation.

Advanced Yoga 

It builds on hatha yoga asanas are discussed in more depth in terms of both musculoskeletal and spiritual. They added meditation and breathing techniques and elements of ashtanga yoga.

Exercise is carried out smoothly, in line with the breath moving from one position to another. During practice, breath are classified bandhas and drishti (direction of view).

Power yoga a hot yoga

Power yoga focuses on stretching and strengthening the muscles throughout the body. It is for people who do not strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of classical yoga, but want to practice.

Poweryoga follows-up to positions of yoga that their help was able to bring people through physical strain on the body in a controlled movement, conscious control of the body and the mental and physical relaxation. So there is a body shaping slimming loss of subcutaneous fat by releasing the energy pathways in the body, especially for mental relaxation. 

Hot yoga is power yoga in a heated prosotr more.

Yoga for women

Yoga kits aimed at women who balance hormone levels in the body. In contrast to classical yoga is a dynamic group, which is accompanied by a special abdominal breathing, which directly affects the energy in the abdomen and pelvis.

Exercise works to massage the endocrine glands and thus promotes natural production of hormones in the body, increases energy, helps in slimming down and counteracts stress.

Yoga therapy - flow yoga

Back pain is musculoskeletal system may be one of things that will bring to yoga. Asanas will  help to correct posture of the body.

Combination of preparatory training exercises slow and controlled focus on specific muscle groups and yoga asanas along with physiotherapy elements with exercise aids and relaxation is yoga therapy, which can help in the long term. The basis is the practice and understanding of the function of correct breathing and conscious relaxation.

Pair yoga

It is a relatively young form of yoga that combines classical yoga teaching acrobatics and meditation. Practicing in pairs. You can come separately and a few in place to create. 

Acro yoga or paired yoga can help strengthen mutual trust in the relationship. On the other hand, thanks to her, you can get to know new people. 

Working in pairs allows us to go into greater depth of asanas. 

Jin yoga

 It is a silent type of yoga. The exercise last longer. It can help you find respect and need of your body.

Praxí jin jógy se prohlubují nejen vaše zkušenosti s jógou obecně, ale jste schopni pozorovat změny fyzické i psychické v závislosti na části těla, na kterou působíte svou vlastní gravitací. Jin jóga má své specifické pozice, které se v mnohém dosti podobají klasické józe, avšak účel a cíl pozice také nalezneme jinde... hlouběji, hlouběji v sobě.  

Yin yoga practice will not only deepen your experience with yoga in general, but you are able to observe changes in the physical and psychological dependence on body parts on which we operate its own gravity. Yin Yoga has specific positions that are in many ways quite similar to the classic yoga, but the purpose and objective position also can be found elsewhere ... deeper, deeper inside.